2 BF-Flowers and a Vase

vase-and-flowers-vaseEllen is still talking about the Christmas tree. She has replaced it with a toy I made for her sister, but it is not the same. In the Netherlands the florists industry has come up with a solution. They tell everybody to put a plant in that empty spot. The bigger the better of course. Now I wasn’t going to do that, but it made me think. In the end I thought of nothing as big as replacing our tree, but it did relate to florists. We would make flowers in a vase.vase-and-flowers-flower

As it is still warm in our part of the world and the air-conditioning in my car does not work, I started to look around the house for things we could use. This is what I ended up with; a plastic bottle, an old magazine and a straw. Some glue, scissors and sticky tape were our other ingredients.

With a 2-year-old going on 3, do not put all these ingredients on the table at the same time, that is unless you want pandemonium. My resolution for this year is to have lots of patience and to teach Ellen that there is an order in which things should be done if you want a certain outcome if not experimenting is great! Needless to say I had to talk a lot as everything else was more interesting than the next step. Nevertheless when she got what she was making, she was doing great, reciting the things I mentioned to her more than once.
We ended up with the intended result as Ellen said 2 best friend flowers and a vase.


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