A Hat 2 Wear 2 A Tea Party

bday-hats1Hats, hats, hats, birthday hats, usually they are these cone-shaped numbers or a crown. I was looking for something different. A tea party though deserves a hat for a lady.

At a friend’s place I saw a hat that Ellen and I could reproduce and would look super cute. I just had to figure out what materials to use. It turned out to be fairly simple. A toilet roll, a piece of cardboard and some nice paper, together with a hairband they were the main ingredients and we had them all at home. bday-hats2The other things needed, scissors and glue, we were set to go.

Out of the piece of cardboard we cut a circle a bit bigger then the diameter of the toilet roll. The toilet roll was cut in half and everything got covered in pretty paper. The toilet roll gets covered in a piece that is too big so we could cut in. This way we could fold out one side of the paper and fold in/over on the other side. I have no idea if I am explaining this correctly and I’ll be honest I had to help Ellen quite a bit with this project.

We attached the toilet roll to the round cardboard, which made the hat and the hat is then attached to the hairband.

bday-hats3Look for yourself how cute!


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